About Lauren, The Founder


My return to work -feeling isolated


Being a mum can at times be incredibly lonely and daunting – transitioning from your old life and figuring out your self-identity again as well as adapting to each phase as your kid(s) grow up brings constant challenges. If you work from home, when exactly do you have a chance to socialise with other adults?

I returned to work when my son Leo was 7 months old. I had previously been working from home for just over 3 years for Skype and returned to the same role. For me, it was the right thing to do, but I did just feel a bit crazy being at home alone, and also not hugely productive as I’d inevitably get distracted with household chores. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Leo again and I’d end up opening my laptop again after he went to bed to try to get more done.


The start of Mumming- August 2018

Lauren and Leo

I decided to start something that would bring together local work-from-home mums using venues that are typically not busy at the times and days we would want to be working (weekday mornings). Think gastro-pubs, nice boutique hotels, swish cafes… I have a lot of experience in connecting people having worked for Skype and in digital marketing for over 15 years (how did that happen?!)

I found that the mums who were interested in this were typically looking for something a bit different- they were starting their own business and didn’t want to commit to rigid childcare the exact same days and times every week. They just wanted a few hours of focus time, with their little ones taken care of, then be able to carry on the rest of the day together with them. That’s when I started running the Mumming pop-up creche which operates in the same building, in a separate room.

What Do I actually do?

My Day Job:

BETT with Leo.jpeg

I work for Skype in the Classroom - an amazing social good program by Microsoft that enables teachers to connect with each other all over the world for free via a website community I help manage. We also run Virtual Field Trips and Guest Speaker sessions with the goal of breaking down the walls of the classroom- so kids in India can visit a national park in the US without leaving their classroom. Or kids in Australia can meet Penguins in South Africa! I love working on something where I get to see a direct positive impact. Sometimes I join the Skype calls and the connection between the kids is just incredible. it’s amazing the impact technology is having in schools. My team have been very supportive and made the return to work after having Leo as relaxed as possible!

My Side-hustle

I am also offering small mum-run businesses Social Media Services -watch this space for more information coming soon!


My Passion

Mumming of course! I love Co-Working with other mums and also seeing the seedling businesses they are working on.