Fitting Exercise Into Your Mumming Life


Today we have a guest blog post from local mum and fitness class leader Kelly Pace of Tots Squats and Coffee Pots- a social way to get fit in those months after having a child. I attended her classes myself and found them challenging but doable and felt amazing afterwards!

Exercise and food top tips for busy Mums:

I set up Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots when I was pregnant with my first child and by the time he was 3 months old the classes were up and running.

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It wasn’t as full on as it sounds, I had a little and often approach which is exactly what I still say to Mums in regards to exercise.

I have two kids, I still have baby brain and often don’t sleep well but there are realistic ways to incorporate exercise into the life of a sleep deprived Mother! It actually helps you to feel more alive. Honest!

Here are my top 6 tips

How to fit in exercise and eat well when you’re a time poor, knackered and crazy busy Mum...

1. Little and often is fine. Think more what you can do in a week rather than in a day. Don’t think 5 or 10 minutes here and there isn’t worth it, it is!

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2. Grab time when you can such as nap times, when baby is playing happily on a mat or maybe even watching Peppa Pig! Even if it’s some squats and press ups that’s something and keeping you active!

3. Try and spend just a few minutes every day doing the all important pelvic floor exercises. Perhaps while you are feeding your baby or maybe once your baby is asleep you can do 15-20 pelvic floor exercises. Or if you are back to work and commute then a good place to multi task is the train or bus.

4. Buddy up. If you can find a friend to go for a walk with (and even better, do some exercises with you in a park) you’re more likely to go. Try not to spoil it by going for a cake afterwards!

5. Make simple healthy meals that don’t take long to prepare and cheat when you have to. Buy frozen onions, ready made courgetti and grated cheese if you like. See my posts on Instagram and Facebook for loads of easy peasy healthy food ideas for adults and children.

6. Try and do something active every day even if it’s a short walk to the shops. It will help to clear your mind as well as be beneficial to you physically.

More inspiration

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for plenty of workout ideas suited to newly postnatal women and beyond. Sometimes just setting the timer for 10 minutes and doing one of my home workouts is enough.


Come along to the classes and you’ll be in good hands. The first one is free. If you’re interested in postnatal assessments and help with pelvic floor and core exercises suited to you get in touch. I can provide safe and effective exercises suited to you as an individual whether it’s in class or on a one to one basis.

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For more information contact Kelly on 07852155967 or at

Kelly Pace- Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist

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