Christmas time... mistletoe and WHINE!

Working from a cafe

Whilst it is absolutely lovely to have everyone together, I believe I’m not alone in saying it is also hard work with a toddler. For them, it’s a lot of uncertainty, different places, different people, a change to the normal routine. Leo is only 16 months so we can’t explain to him why things are different, and it’s understandable that he’s a bit unsure.

When we visited family the weekend before Christmas, it was hard going as he also was teething so that meant very little time for us to actually be able to talk calmly with family. Though we did manage to have a couple of very nice meals whilst Leo sat in his chair for about 20 minutes!

I think being a new mum, it’s all about three things: (1) Planning ahead (2) Adjusting expectations and (3) Little moments.

(1) Planning Ahead - trips away

If you plan for the worst case scenario, if that does happen, you’ll have everything you need e.g. multiple changes of clothes, plenty of food options, bring the right pushchair to use. Ensure the travel cot is comfy and bring plenty of familiar items.

(2) Adjusting Expectations

if you are doing (1) then (2) naturally happens I think. You can’t expect things to go like how they went pre-children. If that is your level of expectation, you often end up feeling frustrated and annoyed. If you plan to allow extra time etc, and expect that things will be different, then you will feel happier at the end of the day.

(3) Little Moments

If you keep thinking about things like how your husband should have done something, or how you need to get more done, you miss the small moments. Stop and take a deep breath and appreciate one minute where everything is going perfectly. For me this was at a carol service- we were there as a family, singing along. Then the next minute, Leo had a tantrum, and the minute before I was chasing after him stopping him climbing onto the stage, but for that particular minute, everything was wonderful and I took a deep breath and took it all in! Little wins are the way forwards!

What are your experiences over Christmas and holidays and your little wins?