FlexiMum Friday: Marnie Wills: Top 5 tips to get stuff done!

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Marnie taking a Sporty Minis Class!

Marnie taking a Sporty Minis Class!


I am Marnie, I am an ex Physical Education Teacher turned Dual International athlete & entrepreneur. I have set up a few different business in the last 5 years as I wanted wanting to have more flexibility to train as an athlete, this was all great until whoops I got pregnant! Eek! How was I going to run my 3 different business , have a baby and still play touch rugby and netball for my country?!

Marnie’s Top 5 Tips to get Stuff done

I have always loved the buzz of being busy, literally never sitting down and always out and about.   Emailing between teaching my Sportminis classes, social media shares morning and night, and wee lunch meetings between sessions has been my life for 5 years since starting my early years sport business.  And like most working mums- having my little daughter almost 2 years ago really didn't stop me ...well initially it didn't really stop me, that was until she got to the age of constantly needing attention, always one eye open and one free hand needed while she was around.  

Big changes have occurred and I can not be more thankful for this- I totally work smarter and not harder...I am definitely not perfect i am still scatty, busy and do a lot on the run BUT i am so much more focused and prioritize so much more, which in turn has allowed me to be all ok with having both eyes on my daughter and both hands there to enjoy her company. 

So here is my advice- you may have heard of it before its F.L.O.W





Each Sunday night I do my F.L.O.W for the week

  • 3 first tasks that are urgent to keep my business going eg- Emailing my clients to give them updates, rota for my staff etc 

  • 3 Last tasks that are needed but isn't directly impacint me making money- eg blogs, batch social media posting…(These are seen as overheads in my business) 

  • 3 Other tasks-  next 3 most important tasks after your FIRST 3

  • 3 WINS-   these are money generating tasks broken down into smaller tasks- not just a to do list .eg Email to current clients creating a bolt on like half price weekend class.  Or My weeks Linked In strategy 

I also often have a weekly flow for my personal and home admin as gosh these days I honestly couldn't organise anything to do with my house if I tried, including unpacking the last of the boxed from our move 3 months ago :( 

Anyways hope this helps and I would love to hear if you have had any success with your FLOW weekly goal setting!

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