Getting back to me - fitness


So I failed to keep any sort of exercise regimen going whilst I was pregnant. From week 5 through to around week 20 (early January through to late March). I had terrible morning sickness that rendered me useless for at least a couple of hours a day. I lay in bed listening to sounds from an app that promised to help minimise the nausea (called Neversic). It did seem to help a bit as when I turned it off convinced it was doing nothing, I’d suddenly feel worse. When I finally started to feel vaguely normal again, I was already out of any routine and used to ‘taking it easy’ – to be honest even going up and down a flight of stairs was a bit of an effort… from someone who used to run 10ks in relative ease and consider herself relatively exercise-friendly! By week 32 I then started getting the old pregnant lady back sprain issues and hobbled around – actually getting overtaken by a lady with a zimmer frame in Twickenham one time- that was a low point I had to laugh at.

So my postnatal fitness journey started fairly slowly- getting to the point where I coud just walk normally again took around 3 months (the joys!) So my first foray into working towards getting somewhere remotely closer to my ‘old’ body began in November 2017. I joined a local mum/baby club called Busy Lizzy- they ran all sorts of classes from baby sensory, music, signing as well as pilates, yoga and bootcamp classes. I started with yoga and pilates- extra gentle as it’s designed for new mums who’s bodies are still recovering from making a tiny human. Even simple things like lying on your back and raising one leg at a time felt like hard work. At this point when I was still counting his age in weeks not months, I didn’t feel too bad about it. I was determined to look after my body and respect that it needed time- as I repeatedly heard- ‘it takes 9 months to make a baby so allow 9 months for the body to recover’. So November to December I did gentle yoga and pilates. I also did a LOT of walking as all parents will know the joys of having to get out to walk the little ones to sleep. So weight was coming off but at a pretty slow rate considering I had put on over 20KG during the pregnancy!

Come January and I jumped on the old ‘new year new you’ bandwagon and started going to the gym properly- at least once a week- more often 2-3 times. I couldn’t say I always came out sweaty after a session since the sleep deprivation and back issues were still there- so sometimes a gentle Yin yoga class and a swim were all I could manage. It was just nice to go to a ‘normal’ class though I felt I wanted a sign on my head explaining I was so crap because my body was wrecked after becoming a mum. I remember the first time I went to a high impact class post baby and just couldn’t imagine being able to fully participate ever again! I was that person huffing and puffing at the back after 5 minutes and totally out of sync with the instructor. 

I have just quit Busy Lizzy in as Leo is starting to be less ‘containable’ so makes taking him with me to classes tricky. I will be going to regular gym classes more now he seems OK going into the gym creche. I am also enjoying seeing some progress in the ‘Boditrax’ machine which measures all . The journey isn’t over yet… I suppose a health journey is never over, but I certainly am starting to feel much more like ‘me’ again instead of a feeble, broken version of myself. I guess like everyone said- just give it time (and some hard work!)