Getting stuff done amongst the detritus...

Mum and baby

I’ve always been someone who likes a good to-do list. To look back at the end of the day and see at least a few ticks… some progression, something achieved at least. One of the most frustrating aspects of motherhood for me is feeling I’m not getting anything done over and above the every day chores and essentials like eating and cleaning. I’m sure many mums feel this way. It’s a myth that you can really get anything done while they sleep, unless you have an unusually sleepy baby maybe?! But for me, I’ve just about got the mess created earlier cleared up when he wakes up again. I didn’t mind during the first 3-4 months when there was no routine and I was adjusting to the complete lifestyle change that parenting inevitably brings.

Now I find myself attempting to get the same task done multiple times. For example- we need a new laundry basket- the one we have has had broken handles for months which means lifting it when it’s full requires a sort of firemans lift effort which isn’t compatible with a post-pregnancy dodgy back I seem to constantly have. I have measured said basket at least 5 times in the vain attempt at remembering the digits so I can ‘quickly’ jump online and order a new one roughly the same size. However, once the ‘jumping online’ happens I inevitably find myself distracted with which baby product to get next…

Next size up teats (fast flow baby!)…. next size up clothes (9-12 months now!)… pillow for his cot since now he’s rolling out of the baby positioner… cupboard locks for the kitchen since the crawling phase is right around the corner…. smaller pushchair to live in the car boot since folding down and taking out all the baby detritus every time is more than tedious… sippy cup (the specific one the mum at playgroup recommended) … more ‘melty puffs’ because those are the only finger food he’s really interested in and hopefully it will encourage self-feeding… oh yeah a stair gate as well for the aforementioned crawling phase… the list never ends!

Being back at work as well now means another to-do list to juggle- emails to reply to, tasks to complete, PowerPoint decks to work through, reports to read…meetings to join, occasional trips to the office to resolve IT issues… I guess it’s no wonder my brain feels at full capacity that sometimes when I get a rare free minute, I literally just sit and stare.

So now I’ve written this post, with my mini dude sitting next to me in his high chair, I’m finally going to buy that laundry basket… now what size was it?