How make up and a video saved me...

Lauren and Leo

It’s pretty obvious that being a new mum is not conducive to looking your best. For me, during the first few weeks, my total focus was on feeding my son- but that’s another post about the joys of syringe / cup / breastfeeding. Needless to say, thoughts about how I looked and whether I’d even brushed my teeth in the last week were the last thing on my mind then. My wardrobe consisted of two pairs of very baggy sweat pants, equally baggy t-shirts and hoodies… there wasn’t really any difference between day and night. A constant feeling of jetlag, panic, and Googling things I never thought I’d need to Google.

However a few more months down the line, I felt like I should have my shit together a bit more by now. My son is over 5 months old. Although going out looking like total crap is kind of a badge of honour of a dedicated mum, I wanted to rebel against this. If I could start looking at least a bit like the old me then maybe I’d start to feel a bit more sane again. It was a frustrating mix of not getting anything done, total lack of control (and I’m a control freak) and feeling so achy all over when I really thought I should be OK by now. I mean that lady mum blogger on YouTube looked practically back to normal after only a few weeks- hair preened to perfection as she spoke about the best baby products… how was it even possible to have time to properly curl your hair?! It was her third child so maybe by then through sheer will power you could make things happen?!

Still have the mummy tummy though- kind of still look about 16 weeks pregnant so very limited in tops/dresses that somehow obscure this or at least don’t accentuate it. Empire line cuts are my friend- tight fitting ‘body con’ dresses cannot ever imagine wearing again. I started going to the gym again in January, but it’s not been regular… bad nights with the little one, and back problems have often scourged my plans as yet again I log into the gym app to cancel a pre-booked class five minutes before the cancellation deadline.

So now I find on the days I’m really feeling the ‘joys’ of mumming, I try to make up for it by looking more like I’ve got it together – that’s one of the small things I can do to feel a bit more in control. Normally I can do this while he has his morning nap or now he’s started to play with toys by himself that’s handy to be able to put him down for a few minutes surrounded by various toys that make noises! So if you see me out and about and I really look like I’ve got it together, that’s probably when I least have it together and answering the question ‘How are you?’ is the hardest thing- be English and say ‘ yeah OK’ or actually be honest and say ‘ yeah feeling like my head is about to explode, my body is ruined, & I spend too much time/money buying baby products and feel like my life is passing before my eyes into a sea of mediocrity’

That’s when I watched this video and it saved my life a little bit: