Mum Guilt Video with Motherhood The Real Deal!

Working from a cafe

Meeting by Chance

I went to check out a local Co-Working space open day late last year in a retail park in Kingston. Initially it appeared no one else had turned up as I struggled to find anyone to ask where to go. But then a lovely friendly guy saw me looking around and showed me around and explained the set up- downstairs there is a workshop that tests out new small business products and upstairs there is the co-working space. That explained why I thought I was in the wrong place! It’s called Canbury Works in case you’re local- first Wednesday of each month is an open day!

As I headed upstairs, I saw three people filming something in the meeting room- it looked like they were having fun and I wondered what they were doing. Thinking nothing more of it, I got myself set up to do some work. A short while later, after coming back from getting a coffee, I was chatting to a co-worker about what I was doing with Mumming when a lady came over and introduced herself as Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal, saying she had overhead me and was interested to find out more- and so we got chatting!

We met up for a coffee in twickenham and was great to chat about all things mum-life and the old juggle and work-life balance. She asked if I’d like to be included in a video about Mum Guilt- I’m not a natural on screen but thought I’d give it a go… well this is the result!

I love what Talya is doing with her website and her approach to life - check out her site here

Let us know what you think of the video and the things we discuss!