My journey from midwife to stay-at-home mom

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Today we have a guest post from the fabulous Wendy of Mum Fuel - Wendy was a midwife for 10 years and decided to become a stay-at-home mum. Here she tells us why she took this route, and how she’s found making the change. Wendy is based in The Netherlands.

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As a little girl, I have always had the dream of becoming a midwife. I was fascinated by the beauty of little babies and the magic of pregnancy. My childhood dream became a reality in 2007. After working a few years in several practices, I became co-owner of a midwifery practice in the Netherlands right before my first pregnancy. After caring for women during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as care for the mom and newborn in the maternity week; it was so special to experience the journey of becoming a mom by myself.

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 Dutch midwifery care is unique in the world. Here, a midwife is totally autonomous in her actions and decision and we take care of healthy (low-risk) women during pregnancy, birth and the first 10 days after the baby is born. It also means that you work in 24-hours shifts. That became a little bit of a challenge when we became parents. My husband works as an intensive care nurse and works late and night shifts too. It was quite difficult planning to manage everything because we didn’t want to take our children to daycare or our parents every day. But, we were used to this schedule and so were our little girls in that time. After a busy period, we went on vacation for some much-needed family time together.

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Health issues

When we drove home I suddenly felt unwell. I got a headache and severe pain in my arm and leg. In the evening I went to the emergency room and then 1.5 years of examinations and rehabilitation related to my chronic pain followed. During this period I stopped working as an obstetrician. That was a very difficult choice, but it was necessary for my health and our family. Finding balance is still a challenge, I have to rest more and I was not used to that in my busy working life.

 Becoming a stay at home mom was a choice that was made by my health, not by my head and was a real switch for me. I was disappointed in my body, felt less worthy now that I was at home with the children. Right now, 2,5 years later, I know that it makes absolutely no difference whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom. It is about being happy and loving each other as a family, no matter what happens in your life.

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Appreciating the changes

Even though there have been many changes in our lives - I can no longer do all the things I was able to do before and I am in pain every day, financially we have had to take a big step back and I have to ask for help more often - I say that we have become much happier together. I now appreciate health, family, and happiness much more than when I was healthy and my focus was on working. I enjoy the little things, the moments that I can now be home and can take care of our daughters are priceless.

The start of something new

Being a stay at home mom taught me the gift of presence and so much more. It’s the inspiration for starting ‘Mum Fuel’. With this blog, I want to support women in their pregnancies and mom life and encourage them to feel grateful, worthy, organized and happy in their lives and to really enjoy motherhood. I love to share my knowledge about pregnancy, birth, babies and my experience being a working mom and a stay at home mom.

My other passion

I am also a photographer and I have done many newborn and family photo shoots while I was working as a midwife. In the future, I would also like to share this knowledge through Mum Fuel and learn how mothers can easily take the best pictures of their children, even with their phones and capture all special moments or motherhood.



Thanks so much for reading my post. I would love to help you out with any questions about motherhood, pregnancy, babies and small children. Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.


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