Sharing my story on This Morning


Invited to be on TV and share my story!

You can read about our journey to using donated breast milk on my previous post here.

After deciding that donor breast milk was the best option for us, I was invited to share my story on This Morning, as it’s quite an unusual route to take and it’s not fully understood- there is still a lot of stigma around it. My immediate thought when they asked me was ‘no way!’ but then the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the right thing to do - I wanted other new mums to know about donor milk as an option. I didn’t find out about it until Leo was around 3 weeks old - had I known earlier I could have started looking into it sooner and not gone through as much stress with trying to breastfeed and cup feed in those first couple of weeks. So I said I’d do it (and negotiated a fee!)

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The TV Experience

I appeared on a Tuesday morning just after 11am when Eamon and Ruth were covering for Phil and Holly. I went up to their Southbank studio with my mum and we sat in the Green room for a couple of hours before the runner came in and announced we were next- we dashed through to sit on the sofa just before the ad break finished. It was quite rushed in the end as there was some confusion as to whether we were taking our babies with us on air or not.

It was funny but we didn’t really notice the cameras whilst we spoke with Ruth and Eamon on the sofa. We found out they were linking up with a Doctor as well who was giving the ‘against’ side to using donor milk. She presented some vague information about studies done in the US where people had paid online for breast milk and never met the donor- obviously this was totally different to what we were doing. We were advocating using milk from other mothers you had met in person and got to know. So it was a shame that the story was presented with such a focus on the down side using a study done in another country with a totally different set up. I would never advocate buying milk online from someone you have never met- that just doesn’t make sense at all!

It was nice to get a lot of messages of support afterwards from other mums who had gone down the same route and also from those who had never heard about it before and were going to investigate further. Of course there were some negative comments as well- but generally it was where people had misunderstood what we were saying- we were advocating for the choice to be available and not saying people should do this. Every set of parents have to make the choices they think are best for their babies.


Want to find out more?

Visit the Human Milk for Human Babies Facebook group where they have a good list of FAQs as a starting point. Also feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about it. I am collating together some research which supports using donor milk.