SW Mummy Event with Khajida Khafisa of The Apprentice

Working from a cafe

I love a good mum Meetup- but not one where we all compare baby/kids notes… ones where we are first and foremost people rather than parents, and that was exactly what Grace of SW Mummy has created. Having said that, I missed the last one due to teething woes- the few days beforehand had been a nightmare and I just didn’t have the energy to do anything other than sit on the sofa and zombie-like eat dinner and climb into bed! So I was excited that when this one came up in my emails, I could make it (immediately blocked out in capital letters in the joint Google calendar I share with Nick (husband)!

I hadn’t heard of Khajida before since I rarely watch ‘normal’ TV these days- with Nick working for Sky and downloading box sets we generally work our way through those. But I was interested in what she had to say as well as meeting some other SW London-based mums.

Meeting Khajida

She immediately brought an amazing amount of honest, raw energy into the room- sharing a no-holds barred account of her progression from young mum struggling to get buy day-to-day, to starting her own business, applying to go on the apprentice, the interview and getting selected. As well as how hard it was to be away from her kids for the duration of The Apprentice. Having done a bit of reading up about her, she was branded as ‘aggressive’ and ‘fierce’ - I didn’t think that- and I wonder if this is typical media portrayal of a women who knows what she wants. But I say that having not watched a single episode of the show! She also shared how hard her first birth was and how it traumatised her- something a lot of us in the room could relate to.

Some advice she gave as a Mumpreneur:

  • If you need to stop something because that is the right thing to do for you then don’t be embarrassed to do so. Khadija spoke about closing one business because it didn’t fit with wanting to spend time with her kids. Don’t shy away from a decision if it’s the right thing to do for you.

  • We all love our kids. Why in business do we pretend that we don’t have them? Mumpreneur came from a place of Khadija showing that being an entrepreneur and being a mom are two huge jobs and everyone should know that you're doing them both successfully.

The event overall:

If you’re local, or if you have something similar operating near to where you live, I highly recommend scraping yourself off the sofa to head out for a night if you can. It sometimes requires monumental effort as tired mums to go out and actually be social- often I do just want to stay in and curl up under a blanket, but on this occasion, I’m glad I didn’t! The other mums who came were all very friendly and easy to talk to- with a couple coming from further afield as well. At the end of the event, I was inspired and motivated and went home with a skip in my step.

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