The Seven Stages of getting out post-birth by Lauren

Post birth self-care

Stage 1: Not getting out

For me, weeks 1-4 dealing with keeping the mini human alive, recovering from the physical trauma of a 35 hour birth and general ‘fug’ as blogger Mother Pukka calls it was my sole focus. I mean, I could hardly walk or sit down so going out was not appealing!

Stage 2: Super Local

I was so proud when I finally made it to the local park a couple of hundred metres away on my road. This was 18 days in. Just doing a circuit (about 400m) felt like quite hard work.

Starbucks inside.JPG

Stage 3: Local Starbucks

The next logical step for me was Starbucks- less than a kilometre away on the local high street. The first time I made it there and ordered a (decaf) latte and was actually out of the house, it felt like a huge deal! Part of me felt I’d never leave the house again. This was at 3 weeks.

First time train.JPG

Stage 4: Local Baby Groups

I signed up for a baby massage course which started when Leo was about six weeks old. What I didn’t realise when I signed up was how tricky it would be to get to the venue with a baby. It was only a couple of miles away, however car parking was usually all taken and the train station didn’t have a lift, and the bus still required quite a long walk.

Each week I tried a different method which was actually great at building my confidence of getting around with a baby in tow. In the end the bus won since he could sleep while in transit which didn’t happen in the car. I did lug the pram up the steps of the train station once and decided it definitely wasn’t the best way!

Stage 5: Wandering the shops

Once the initial excitement of being out of the house on a semi-regular basis started to fade, I would try to make ‘useful’ outings whereby it was a chance for Leo to sleep as well as for me to get some chores done like stocking up on food, toiletries, and cheap baby stuff from the local children’s charity shop. However this became a dangerous habit as the house soon started to bulge at the seams as all the baby detritus built up.

Stage 6: First long distance car journey

OK not super long distance but more than popping to local towns- 45 minute drive on the M3 down to see the grandparents. I worried the whole way whether he was OK in the back and prayed he wouldn’t cry. He did OK and even managed to sleep a little bit- Leo was 3 months old.

Stage 7: Going into central London

In January when Leo was 5 months old, we ventured into central London- I mean right across London from Twickenham to Excel to see some work colleagues at a conference. It was an exercise of proving to myself I could do it!

BETT with Leo.jpeg

Stage 8: Flying to Australia(!)

OK so next up is our trip to Australia in just a couple of weeks’ time when Leo will be 6 months old. Leo I can’t believe how much I have prepared for this. Normal trips take preparation, but flying around the world with a baby is a full-time job organising it! At the end of the month we are flying London to Melbourne for a very good friend’s wedding to the man of her dreams – we simply couldn’t miss it. We also love Australia and the idea of taking Leo to visit was just something that had to be done at some point. Probably easier while he is immobile!