Top 5 tips to add a bit more creativity into your life!

Working from a cafe

I recently shared this post on instagram:

“As mums we often get stuck in our left brain- the logical 'get stuff done' side. The human doing not human being part. This is also a very masculine way of being. When you live this way all the time, you can feel disconnected with parts of yourself- like there is always something waiting to bust out of you, always feeling a little unfulfilled no matter how much you love your kids and family.
Just taking 2 hours a week makes a huge difference- it might feel uncomfortable at first since it's like using a muscle you don't use very often. It could be writing, painting, needlework, sculpture, graphic design. You probably already know what you're drawn to doing.
Whatever it is that allows you to feel like you've expressed yourself for the sake of expressing- not to write a novel or create an amazing painting, but just to allow your brain to create something new. You'll find it has an amazing impact on the rest of your life as you awaken your creative half! Set aside 1-2 hours and make it happen- close the door, leave the house if needed!”

And had an amazing response via DMs, so thought I’d expand with a blog post on my top tips for adding creativity into your life as a busy mum.


Tip 1: Schedule it in the same as any work meeting / conference call / nursery pick up

Yes this might sound a little obvious but it’s true if you don’t block it out in your calendar, other things will mean you always end up doing it ‘later’ and later never arrives! I highly recommend Google Calendar- sync with your phone for reminders if you don’t already. Block out ideally 2 hours per week- time that might be spent on the sofa or filling the dishwasher… leave it!

Tip 2: Do whatever you feel like doing

Don’t feel like ‘creativity’ has to look a certain way- it’s different for everyone. Whatever you can create for the sake of creating - whether that’s painting or gardening- don’t do it to ‘achieve’ something but just because you enjoy it. Let go of creating something to ‘show’ other people and just do it for the fun of it.

Tip 3: Commit to doing it for 4 weeks and see how it makes you feel

If committing to 2 hours a week sounds like too much, just try it for 4 weeks… to be honest even one session where you unleash your creativity will have a positive impact on your life- the problem is, it’s short-lived and you need to keep flexing it like a muscle.


Tip 4: Have an accountability Buddy

Sounds a bit cheesy, but it helps to have someone to remind you that you said you’d do it- maybe every agree to do it the same time each week so you can remind each other.

Tip 5: Notice how you feel for a day or two after your creative session

When you have dedicated at least 2 hours just to creating something, you will find you feel different- when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Do you have a regular creative hobby or practise? What have you noticed about allowing time for it in your life and making it a priority?