Website re-e-launch!

Working from a cafe

It’s alive…. it’s alive!

New website is now up (you probably already knew that if you’re reading this!)

I had to escape the house today to get the final few bits done as Leo did not want me to do anything on my laptop… understandable- how boring! So I’m sitting in Starbucks just doing a final few tweaks. A website is a never-ending project really, but I’m excited to get something out there that is much better at explaining what Mumming is and the vision I have to grow it into.

I hope you can join for the journey either virtually or in-person at one of the Co-working meet ups if you’re local to South West London.

I had various debates with different people over whether Wordpress or Squarespace was better - they each have different pros and cons and in the end opted for Squarespace so we’ll see how that pans out. It does allow me to have tickets and membership to Mumming all in one place so hopefully that is better than managing multiple platforms.

Watch this space for:

  • Upcoming Spoonfed Talks events for new parents as part of Fifth Trimester Club

  • Upcoming co-working sessions for January onwards

  • Workshops that will be happening during the co-working sessions

  • Founding Member special packages which will be available for a very limited time!

If you run your own business and would like to run a workshop or speak at a Spoonfed Talk event, please do get in touch as I’m now planning out January to March events!

Let me know any questions and feedback so Mumming and grow and evolve.