What Mama Wore... New stuff!!


Before: Relying on black a bit too much?!

After: what do you think?

Follow up post: I recently went for a shopping session with stylist Lucy Ireland - something I’ve never done before! So how did it go? Did it result in an entire new wardrobe?! Can I now feel a worthy contributor to the #whatmamawore hashtag on Insta? Does it even matter?!

As per my previous post I have become more interested in the outfits I wear as I recognise the importance they can have on confidence and creativity. Wearing the same boring but comfy things every day is easy yes, and sometimes needed. BUT I was feeling a bit down about my style as a mum - I didn’t want to let myself go and settle for baggy boring grey and black tops and trousers all the time!

As new mums, it can be incredibly hard to find a sense of style again- perhaps old clothes don’t fit or they don’t feel like ‘you’ anymore. I had a load of stuff I still liked in theory, yet just didn’t wear any more and realised I probably hadn’t worn for about 3 years.

What was great about going shopping with Lucy is that she picked out stuff I would never normally even considered for myself. The difference it makes going to my wardrobe and having things I’m excited to wear in the mornings is a great feeling.

Whilst I certainly don’t believe in always dressing up and looking perfect all the time (especially as a new mum!) it is good to take time for yourself like this every now and again to improve your confidence and feel like you’ve not given up your entire identity after having children. What’s more, I actually feel I like my style more now than before having Leo- I feel that bit braver in what I will wear and care less about what other people think. Especially when it comes to thinking if my stomach or bum will look fat in it- seems like such a trivial thing after your body has grown a new life!

So what clothes did we get? Here is a list of what I bought on our day out, plus the idea was to mix and match with a lot of the things I already had:

  1. Sleeveless Denim Dress from All Saints

  2. White skeleton top from Religion

  3. Plain white top from Oasis

  4. Peach smart jacket- All Saints

  5. Black ‘Lemon’ sequin top

  6. Denim jacket from Gap

  7. Navy blue chiffon evening top

Overall, it’s been a great mini project to update my wardrobe and I’ve learnt a lot along the way and will aim to make it at least an annual thing to properly declutter/review/update my clothes. It’s also been nice to properly tuck away all the maternity gear- having it in my wardrobe wasn’t making me feel great as it really just reminded me of having morning sickness and feeling huge!

Watch this space- I’ll be sharing in the #whatmamawore realm soon!

Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 22.48.13.png


Thanks to Lucy for a great shopping experience! Here are her details in case you want to find out about her services.

Check out Lucy’s website here- https://www.lucyirelandstyling.com

And Instagram here- https://www.instagram.com/lucyirelandstyling/