What Mama Wore... She realised she needed something new!


I’ve become interested in the #whatmamawore hashtag on Instagram as I find it quite inspiring to see how mums are restyling themselves. After doing a wardrobe declutter with the stylish Lucy Ireland back in February, it’s now time to bring in some new items as she’s taking me out for a styling day… can’t wait!

I met Lucy at a Girl Tribe Gang event a few months ago and instantly felt that I loved her style- it was casual and laid back yet a bit quirky and creative- she was also very easy to talk to. She came over for a wardrobe detox shortly after- it’s amazing what a difference it makes going through it with someone who has an eye for what works.

About 50% of my wardrobe ended up in three piles- keep for future maternity wear, give to charity, sell on eBay. The rest I kept with a few items ‘TBC’ depending on if I actually wore them over the next few months. It felt so good to have space in my wardrobe again, yet I found myself getting stuck with what to actually wear now I’d got rid of a lot of the super baggy tops I had been wearing. So Lucy offered a day at the shops with her- so she could help me assemble a few outfits I’d feel stylish and comfortable in.

I honestly have no idea where to even start when I walk into a shopping centre now- confused as to which shops are really intended for beanpole teenagers, what can I actually wear that is stylish without looking too ‘try-hard’?!

I asked Lucy a few questions in anticipation of our day out to the shops!

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Lucy Ireland

Q, How did you get into being a stylist?

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I have always had a love for fashion from a very early age but I never pursued it as a career. After having my son and going through so many different changes in my life and my body I realised that my clothes and my style were what defined me from my everyday uniform of work and life as a mum. This was my escapism and my passion putting together outfits that made me feel great and to gain back my confidence. I realised that if I could do this for myself then I can do it for others feeling the same way. So, I decided to follow my passion and help women feel amazing wearing their clothes again.


Q, What advice would you give to busy mums who want to update their style without spending hours trawling the shops?

I don’t think you need to go out and spend huge amounts of money on a new wardrobe to update your style. Quite often there are many great pieces that you already own. Do a wardrobe detox and start with finding all the basics, such as a leather biker jacket a white tee black trousers etc.  If you have these then you can work on building your wardrobe around them adding in any trend pieces that you like. Basics can be mixed and styled in many different ways and will always look stylish and on point. This is also the start of a capsule wardrobe which makes it so much easier to dress yourself in the morning especially when we have far better ways to be spending our time.

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Q, What are the 3-summer wardrobe must haves for this summer?

A basket bag is still a firm favourite this year and really makes an outfit look summer ready.

A White linen dress is the perfect summer colour and a must have for this season.

Tan sandals not only will these look great with jeans but pair this with your white linen dress and basket bag and it makes a perfect summer outfit. 


Q, How do you be honest about what suits someone without offending them.

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I never want to make anyone feel bad about themselves fashion and clothes should be fun and should make you feel great. I work with the client’s body shape and colours and when they see how different shapes, colours and styles fit and match them. They can see it for themselves what suits them and what they feel happy wearing. It’s not all about the rules it’s about what makes you feel confident and amazing.


Q What are you favourite go to shops for classic timeless outfits.

There are many stores that I shop in and it also depends on budgets. These are some favourites 

Cos has some great basic timeless pieces classic white shirt, black dress simple easy styles.

Gap is great for denim and jeans

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All saints have amazing quality leather biker jackets.

But equally shops like Mango, Zara, H&M, Jigsaw and Other stories you can pick up some great classic pieces on a very good budget too.


Q, what is your own biggest fashion faux-pas?

Ha Ha I am sure I have had many in the past but I do remember buying a rip off Burberry Bag in New York many years ago. I thought it looked amazing, but it looked tacky and hideous I don’t know what I was thinking it was a very bad fake and I ended up giving it to charity.


Thanks Lucy for sharing with us. I’ll be posting all about our day our shopping together and sharing the new outfits we make - can’t wait- have never done anything like this before and it feels like such a treat!

Check out Lucy’s website here- https://www.lucyirelandstyling.com

And Instagram here- https://www.instagram.com/lucyirelandstyling/