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Working from a cafe

Working from home

Have you ever thought about how much your home work environment affects your mood and productivity? I had but yet while I kept meaning to change things, my space has been a ‘work in progress’ since before my son was born and he’s 16 months old now!

Sharing my journey

Over the next few weeks I am sharing on Instagram and in the Facebook group for Mumming how I am sorting out my home office space to be more productive involving:

  • Decluttering

  • The layout of my space

  • Adapting when unexpected situations arise (e.g. ill child)

  • Setting up technology and lighting

  • Setting Focus time in a useful way

What if your ‘home office’ is your kitchen table?

You may be thinking ‘well that’s nice she has her own office at home…’ I also do work from the kitchen table a lot of the time since my office room is at the end of the garden so it’s handy if my son Leo is sleeping to be closer to him, and sometimes I admit, I’m too lazy to walk to the end of the garden… especially if it’s raining! So I have plenty of tips for making a kitchen table space work well too as I’ve been experimenting over the last few months!

Getting out

Of course the other alternative is to go out and change your environment completely! I love going to work from different cafes with different views- I have my favourites, but I always try out at least two new places a month. I love discovering new little cafes and restaurants both in my local area of Twickenham/ Richmond and also in London.

The next level: FlexiMumming Co-Working

So whilst I always thought your environment was important for being productive and getting the right work done (anyone can check emails for hours!)

But it’s honestly only since running Mumming co-working sessions that I’ve realised how much more productive I can be in those conditions- when we are there as a team working together (on totally separate things!) When we meet at the start we fill out a form with our goals and planned work. Even though no one is checking what you’re working on, it’s like a verbal contract with yourself and I find I have much better focus and ability to ignore notifications or thoughts that might send me down a social media rabbit hole!

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