Mumming FAQs

What is Mumming?

Mumming provides pop-up co-working sessions with a crèche for freelance mums in south-west London.

We also run baby and child-friendly talks and workshops for mums that inspire and uplift, all about rediscovering and recreating yourself and your identity after becoming a mum. We strongly believe that becoming a mum does not mean you have to give up on your dreams.

New: Look out for The #Fleximum Collective, our online virtual co-working club – launching soon! Weekly group video calls, worksheets, accountability check-ins, a private slack and virtual office with working hours so you can check in with others in the same boat as you. Working at home / being self-employed can be so lonely and disconnecting at times, so this is the prefect antidote to that.

Why should I come to a Mumming session?

Are you a mum who works from home? Need a bit of focus time to work or study with flexible childcare and some adult conversation? Do you find yourself feeling disconnected and unproductive at home? Then Mumming is for you.

 Maybe you’re starting your own business and don’t want to commit to rigid childcare the exact same days and times every week; maybe you’re a freelancer fed up of working from the kitchen table and in need of company; maybe you just need a bit of child-free focus time with a good coffee in hand. Whatever the reason you’re there, your children will be looked after competently in the next room, meaning less stress and more productivity.

 Mumming co-working sessions are a great opportunity to meet other local mums and network in a non-awkward way. We even provide Mumming productivity sheets and tools to help you nail that to-do list.

Where are the Mumming sessions held?

We host our pop-up co-working and crèche sessions in venues that are typically not open or busy on weekday mornings – think gastro-pubs, nice boutique hotels, swish cafes… It means you get to get some work done in lovely surroundings and get that buzzy café/pub feel that you so often miss when you become a mum. The places we meet are carefully curated to be somewhere worth leaving the house for with great food and coffee, great WiFi and great company.

 Currently, we’re popping up in south-west London but we have big plans for expansion to other areas in the near future. We also have an online virtual co-working club launching soon, so if you’re not local, you can still join the #Fleximumming movement, and get the benefit of good company and networking that a Mumming co-working session provides.

 Some previous venues include: Revolution Richmond, The Bingham, Richmond, The Play Cafe Surbiton, The Anglers, Teddington, The Royal Oak, Twickenham; The Alexander Pope, Twickenham and The Turk’s Head, Twickenham.

Who can come?

Anyone who works for themselves, from home or flexibly, or those who just need a break, a good coffee and a bit of focus time. We have mums from a variety of backgrounds – from finance to social media, marketing to virtual assisting, and those who run their own businesses. It’ll give you back that buzzy feel of having colleagues, provide people to bounce ideas off and is a great way to meet local mums and network.

Feel free to come along if you’re not working but need to get a few things done- we have mums come along who are working on home renovation projects or updating their CVs in preparation for returning to work.

Babes-in-arms welcome to stay with you as long as you respect others who are working and minimise any disruption- some babies are happy to do this whilst others may not play along- they are all different!

What if I’m not a mum?

We tailer what we do to mums with young children by offering a creche, and mums with children of any ages are welcome. If you’re not a mum, you can still join! Obviously just take note that the conversation may sometimes lean towards the direction of mum-based chat- not that we are there to talk about sleep schedules, nappies or the cost of nurseries, but sometimes you need to get these thoughts off your chest!

Co-working is available without the crèche and is a great way to meet local entrepreneurs and women working flexibly and in interesting fields. Think of it like networking without the awkward silences.

If you have a business in the area and are interested in coming to speak to us, e.g. a workshop or skills presentation, please get in touch at

Or via our contact form: GET IN TOUCH HERE

How much do the sessions cost?

As we hold different types of events and workshops at a variety of venues, the cost can vary from session to session.

As a general guide, though:

  • Co-working sessions: from £7 per session

  • Co-working with bottomless coffee and brunch: from £16 per session

  • Co-working sessions including inspirational workshops: from £15 per session

  • Creche: from £21 for 3 hours (better value than paying a sitter!)

Special offer for First-Timers:

Get your first co-working session free!

Just add the code FIRSTTIMER on the checkout page*

*Code can be used once only

Who does the childcare?

Our childcare is always provided on-site (in a separate, safe room, so you can focus), by fully qualified and experienced nannies. We use nannies from Super Sitters or Bubble. The crèche is for babies and toddlers from 3 months to 3 years old, and runs for 2.5-3 hours, dependent on the event and venue.

 Want more details on the nannies and sitters used for a specific event? Email us.

Visit the crèche page for FAQs just about the creche


Who runs Mumming?


Hello! I'm Lauren, a work-from-home mum of an energetic toddler, Leo who was born August 2017. I’ve worked in digital marketing for 15 years (how did that happen?!). I returned to work when Leo was 7 months old. I had previously been working from home for just over 3 years for Skype and returned to the same role. When I returned to work, I loved the flexibility I had working from home, but found it hard to be alone all day and to set boundaries between work and family time. And so, Mumming was born…

I am supported by a small team of freelancers and my wonderful Virtual Assistant Jo!

Why did you start mumming?

Being a mum can at times be incredibly lonely and daunting – transitioning from your old life and figuring out your self-identity again as well as adapting to each phase as your kid(s) grow up brings constant challenges. If you work from home, when exactly do you have a chance to socialise with other adults?

For me, returning to my work-from-home job after having my son was the right thing to do, but I did feel a bit crazy being at home alone. I was also not hugely productive as I’d inevitably get distracted with household chores. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Leo again and I’d end up opening my laptop again after he went to bed to try to get more done.

I decided to start something that would bring together local work-from-home mums using venues that are typically not busy on weekday mornings. I found that the mums who were interested in this were typically looking for something a bit different – they were often starting their own business and didn’t want to commit to rigid childcare the exact same days and times every week. They just wanted a few hours of focus time, with their little ones taken care of, then be able to carry on the rest of the day together with them. So I started running the Mumming pop-up crèche which operates in the same building, in a separate room.

Mumming is here to give community and voice to all the entrepreneurial and creative work-at-home mums who are defining a new way to be working mums – one which doesn't involve commuting every day!

Why the name?

I came up with it while chatting with my own mum about naming ideas - basically just ‘verbified’ the word mum, checked the domain name and it was available ( is a Japanese cake shop so no confusion there!)

Once you become a mum, you’re always mumming in some way – it’s a 24/7 job! We’re about what else you want to create in your life to set up the right fit for you between career and family. Our #Fleximumming movement aims to help you ‘mum’ while also gaining independence, growing your career and being inspired along the way.