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Work from home mum?

In need of focus time and adult conversation?

You’re in the right place!


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Mumming is a local co-working, connection and wellness club for women in South West London and Surrey. For those further afield we will also be launching an online support hub for mums who want to join a fun entrepreneurial community of work-from-home mums. We support a new generation of flexible working mums who want to do both – family and business, in a non-traditional way. We’re about creating a life you love where ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work in a thriving and friendly community of like-minded mums. 


The name is the verb of Mum - once you are a mum, you are always Mumming in some way- it’s a 24/7 job! We are about what else you want to create in your life to set up the right fit for you between career and family. 


We currently host regular Co-Working sessions with a crèche & talks for mums.

Virtual Co-working Club coming soon!


How do I get involved?

We’d love to meet you! Grab a spot at the next session on the events page. For workshops and SpoonFed Talks you can find details and book tickets on the events page.

What if I’m not a mum?

We plan to expand and open up for more people in the future. If you have a business in the area and are interested in coming to speak to us, e.g. a workshop or skills presentation, please get in touch at


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