The Mumming Crèche

Childcare by professionals so you can relax and focus


We partner with childcare agency and general all-around heroes, Super Sitters

Super Sitters believe that children need a safe, loving environment which suits their parents' schedules. There are some brilliant permanent childcare solutions out there, but very few truly flexible ones. Super Sitters are able to offer reliable and consistent childcare as and when it’s needed and we are so happy to be partnering with them to run this pop-up crèche.

Using only personal contacts and referrals, they recruit sitters and nannies with a background in childcare environments to accommodate families' adjusting work lives. Each sitter is personally interviewed and pays a membership to be part of the collective of childcarers through Super Sitters.

What is the set up?

This short video filmed at a recent session shows you the set up- the crèche in the upstairs room whilst the mums are working together for a workshop session downstairs. We operate in a few different venues - the creche always runs in a separate but nearby room in the same building as the Co-Working.

Feel free to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session to help get your little one settled into the creche. When you arrive, you’ll see on the sign-in sheet which nanny or manny your child is assigned to- you can provide them with your changing bag, any snacks or allergies to be aware of, nap routine etc.

Please Note: You are required to stay in the building to meet Ofsted Crèche requirements.

Toys: Toys are provided and range from soft flooring and play mats for younger babies to toy cars, garages, a ball pit, books and musical instruments, a sit-on car and pink unicorn! Plus of course the kids are most fascinated by each other. They will normally have a sing-song session whilst in the crèche too.

Ratios - We always aim for 2.5 carers to under-2’s (minimum requirement by law is 3 under twos to every carer). So for example, 10 under 2’s means 4 carers.

Our Crèche Manager- Stacey

Stacey Richard Super Sitters

Stacey founded Super Sitters 5 years ago and she’s a mum herself. She’s also part of a huge family and the oldest of 4 children. She provides ad hoc nannying and emergency childcare including Pregnancy On Call services.

Her services offered include: Childminder, Nanny, Babysitter, Night Nanny, Maternity Support, Pregnancy on Call, Special Needs Nanny and After school Nanny.  She has gained experience working with twins and triplets, epilepsy, multiple different special needs, newborns and is still learning every day!

We couldn’t be happier to have Stacey involved- she really is leading the way in flexible childcare and we love her approach!

DBS Checked, First Aid trained, Food Hygiene Level 2, Fire Warden Level 2, Core Skills in Childminding, Safeguarding, Speech and Language certificate. (Law), LLB, H.Dip (Cyber Law)
Age range: Birth - 18 year

Creche FAQs

What is the age range?

The creche is currently open for babies aged 3 months up to toddlers to kids aged under 4 at our standard venues. For some venues we are hoping it will be possible to expand our age range so that we can help out during half term and summer holidays as well!

How do I book a spot?

On the events page, you should see a button to click through to the booking page where you can select the type of ticket you want- whether you want. If you book without the creche and then need it, you can also book just a crèche spot by selecting the crèche only option (or drop us a quick email if it doesn’t show up).

When do bookings close?

Normally 9pm the evening before the day the session starts to enable us to book the right number of carers per babies and children expected, however you can always email us to check if there is last-minute availability as there often is space for one or two more depending on how many nannies we have booked in already etc.

What happens if I have to cancel?

We totally get that life with kids is unpredictable. If you can give us more than 48 hours notice, we will do our best to transfer to another session, but this cannot be guaranteed. We can transfer your co-working ticket and any food/drink you pre-paid for to another session.

Can I book in two children / is there a discount?

Absolutely you can book both kids in if they are both 4 or under per current creche age range. The cost for Co-Working and 1 child is £28 for 3 hours and £44 for two children plus Co-Working.

Can I arrive late / leave early?

Yes you can- we can’t offer any discount as the childcare is booked for the duration of the session to help with set up and tidying afterwards. Sessions are normally 2.5 or 3 hours long in the morning which is a good amount of time to get stuff done, but also the rest of the day is there to spend with your family.

How much is it?

It works out to around £7 per hour per child. (Cheaper than getting a babysitter to come over to your house!) Consider that half a day at a local nursery would cost around £40 for under 2’s.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes- we run special events and offers from time to time - we release these first into the Private Facebook group so get involved there! We are also looking for Mums willing to get a bit more involved and act as Mumming Ambassadors. if you’re interested, contact Lauren- as this will mean getting discounted session rates and joining our Female Founders program to give you focus time to work on your own business.

Can I book the same nanny who looked after my child at the creche for an evening out?

Absolutely! Always good to have someone familiar who you know if good with your kid(s). You can exchange details or find them on the Super Sitters website, or we can put you in touch via

Can you tell me who will be running the creche for the session I book it?

Yes if you drop us an email we can confirm who is assigned to look after your child the day before. It will normally be a combination of Stacey, Sophie, Bradley and Leticia as listed above/below. If you prefer a nanny rather than a manny or have any concerns, just drop us an email.

Our Regular Nannies and Mannies

We believe consistency is important so once your little one has come a few times, they will recognise their carers and feel more relaxed. Where possible, we will always aim to have the same carers. When they aren’t available, we select them carefully from the Super Sitters Database of experienced childcare professionals. You can also find their details on the Super Sitters website if you want to have them babysit at home for a night out!


Sophie Nanny

Sophie is one dynamic young lady! With a passion for travelling (recently returned from Asia), Sophie works as an ad-hoc nanny and in creche environments on a flexible basis.

Sophie began her almost 10 year long childcare experience in a nursery where she was quickly promoted to Deputy Manager. She’s worked with children of all ages but is most comfortable with under 5’s.

Her bubbly nature and adjustable mindset ensures she truly ‘goes with the flow’ as needed by the child(ren) in her care.

Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in Childcare and Education Management, DBS checked, First Aid Trained.


Bradley pic for page.png

Bradley comes from a large family so started his babysitting responsibilities young! This relaxed yet confident manny has over five years experience working with children from 3 months old to older toddlers.

Bradley loves the written word and is a freelance journalist in his spare time! His love of books and reading often inspires the kid(s) he’s looking after!

Having started his formal career in a nursery environment for 3 years, he moved on to become a Creche Supervisor at David Lloyd and Nuffield Health.

BA Communications, Level 3 Early Years Education, DBS checked, First Aid Trained.


Bongani pic for page.png

A childcare professional with over 14 years experience. As a father himself, Bongani works on an ad hoc basis for nurseries, and combines this with mannying and babysitting. Bongani has special needs experience from his time as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school, including Down Syndrome and Autism.

He is still a coach for a brilliant women's football team, and was a semi-pro footballer himself!

DBS Checked, First Aid Trained