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Charlotte Morley
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What I do:

I run two different organisations:

thelittleloop - Zero waste clothing for kids. thelittleloop offers rental clothing subscriptions, enabling baby's wardrobe to grow as baby grows, and eliminating much of the textile waste generated by our littlest humans.

Feel Good Parent - Community cloth nappy library and advice service

My business is perfect for:

The Little Loop: All parents who are looking to dress their children beautifully while saving time, money, effort and the planet.

My top tips for anyone starting a business or freelancing:

Avoid spending too much time on your own planning, designing, and trying to achieve perfection. Get out and start talking to people, telling them about what you're doing and asking for their input and ideas. The best way to test your idea and make sure you're doing the right thing is to share it with others, even if the prospect is terrifying.

Special Offers for Mumming Club Members:

We're not up and running yet but happy to offer one when we are.

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Phone: 07980 611342

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