Lauren Roberts: Mumming Founder


What I do:

Founder of Mumming, Social Media Consultant, day job working for Skype in the Classroom with teachers.

Mumming: My business/ services cover:

Co-Working for mums, supporting mums to run early stage start-up businesses

Link: You’re on the site now!

Social Chocolates: Social Consulting:

Advice and support for small business owners and freelancers to get seen on social!

Link: Website under construction!

My business is perfect for:

Work from home mums, mumpreneurs, small business owners. Mums who seek community and support from other mums. Mums who believe in flexible working and making things different for the generation we are raising now.

Special Offers for Mumming Club Members:

20% discount on social media consultation services and packages - email Lauren to claim

As a first time visitor to a Mumming session, you can also use code ‘FIRSTTIME’ to get a discount for a Co-Working session!

My top tips for anyone starting a business or freelancing:

Set working hours - turn off your laptop and notifications when you aren’t working! (I’m not always great at doing this!)

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Lauren Roberts