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Nutritional Rebalancing (Hampton)

Pieta McCrum
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What I do:

Nutritional Rebalancing & Fitness Professional

My business is perfect for:

Busy people looking for a sustainable, effective and easy nutrition solution (backed by science) to help them feel, look and perform their best quickly through pure nourishment, cleansing the body at a cellular level and balancing cortisol. Minimum fuss, maximum long term health benefits.

My top tips for anyone starting a business or freelancing:

First be clear on what YOU want and how you want to work ( around your non negotiables ) , be clear on your ideal client and interview 3-5 of them to understand the dialogue in their head + their pain points, this is a great foundation to start so you can get to work on how to best serve your client straight away.

Special Offers for Mumming Club Members:

  • Free 30min discovery-call consultation

Contact & Social Links:

Website- http://www.bypieta.com

Email: pieta@bypieta.com

Phone: 07799 886318

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Pieta McCrum
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