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CURATED: Startup Richmond Meetup

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Startup Richmond are a great support to local small businesses and entrepreneurs run by two amazing women- Helen and Soraya. They regularly have circa 90 local business people attend their events. So, this is your chance to meet up with other entrepreneurs and business owners based in Richmond. Its is a great way to expand your network and make new connections. 

Workshops, seminars and panel sessions

About Us

We have created a group of go-getters who believe change is possible. We are a movement of people who will not settle until we have it all.

We fight to do it our way and have the freedom we want and the control we deserve. We build products and services that we know can change the lives of others.

We do everything for ourselves and we make our businesses work from day 1.

We give power back to those who want more and we support each other as we grow. We are a new breed of business owner – Smarter, leaner, faster and free.

Helen Roberts and Soraya Lavery, founders of CPG, who own StartUp Richmond, are specialists in the SME sector. They both have over 20 years experience and have helped over 30,000 people in the last 10 years through different award winning programmes which have run both nationally and internationally.

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