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About us


Mumming was set up to empower mums to achieve the right balance in their lives. Being a mum can at times be incredibly lonely and daunting – transitioning from your old life and figuring out your self-identity again as well as adapting to each phase as your kid(s) grow up brings constant challenges.

Many mums are also now joining the flexible working movement as well which is great, but also can add to feeling isolated since you could spend most of your day without really connecting with anyone when working from home.

We are a blend of co-working, networking, fun, workshops,
wellness and idea sharing.

  • Vibrant local coworking community just for mums 

  • Let’s fully embrace the power we wield by coming together as a community

  • Gain support for the #flexappeal movement started by @motherpukka  


What do we offer?

We currently host two regular meetups per week in amazing local venues, with monthly workshops and talks.



Co-Working sessions for mums who want to get stuff done child-free. We use proven productivity methods - working for 45 minute blocks with 10 minute breaks. There is time to connect with others, but we also ensure you get your work done too! You can join and work on your ‘regular’ job or business or come along and do a creative project, or work on your side hustle. The time is yours to do as you want - treat it as your weekly focus time.



For new mums who are starting to think about what is next – what else do you want to create in your life as well as being a mum? Bring your buba along!



We run regular talks around topics that inspire and uplift. From self-care for mums (so important!) through to talks from adventurers, PR experts, business advice, CV Clinics, and starting your own business. We connect you with the right local experts. Check our events page for what’s happening next!



We gather together the best events for spirited Mamas and go as a team so you don’t have to turn up to a room full of strangers!


Where we meet

We strongly believe in the importance of your environment in affecting productivity and happiness so the places we work from are carefully curated. Good coffee is also an important factor!


About Lauren, the founder of Mumming

Lauren Roberts

I have always undertaken ‘extra-curricular’ activities and it’s not until I started working flexible hours from home around 4 years ago that I was able to really balance my life in a way that allowed me to do everything I wanted to do. Becoming a mum in August 2017 naturally turned my life upside down in ways I could never have predicted (more about this in the blog!).

When my son was 7 months, I started back at work again doing 2.5 days a week and gradually built up to around 4 days week- I’m currently freelancing for Skype. What I noticed was although working flexible hours from home was great as I didn’t have to commute, I was feeling very isolated since I also now had very little social life. I found there was limited support for flexible work-from-home mums, especially in the co-working space - it was expensive to sign up, rigid hours, and a big monthly commitment. The idea to unite local mums on a mission was born. 

I’m also a fan of working smarter not harder - it’s sometimes hard to be productive at home when the house chores are staring at you. I use proven productivity methods and wanted to share these with other mums so we can not only connect and chat but also get some amazing work done! Watch out world!


If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, I offer packages for mums returning to work →