Recommended Products

These are products we have tried and tested and recommend - if you want to get them too, please use the links below which means a small percentage will go to support Mumming.


Leo easter bunny.jpg

Easter Bunny Outfit

Check out this super cute outfit - it’s sleeveless and footless so easy to fit and wear with a top underneath and slippers! Leo loves his- we have been using as his night time outfit and for relaxing in at home over the weekend!

AziOri Eco Friendly Bamboo Dining set

We were given a set by AziOri to try out and have to say we loved it. I happened to have just had a chat with a friend who was concerned about using plastic products in a microwave because of chemical leaching. A quick Google search gave me enough cause for concern to think I’d rather not risk it if there are good alternatives, so we now use this and the wooden bowl we already had.

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SriCam Baby Monitor Camera & App

We tried out an Angel Care Monitor which we spent over £200 on and decided that it wasn’t for us- the picture wasn’t very clear and the way the parent unit operated was annoying. We are very glad we decided to give this a go. It’s not just a baby monitor- it can also be used as a security/ monitoring camera, but it works very well for what we need. We downloaded the SriCam app onto our phones and iPads and can quickly check in on Leo any time he’s in his cot. It gives a great image and we can adjust the camera position and zoom as well as two-way sound option.