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SpoonFed Talks are laid back and informal yet stimulating talks designed for parents to come along to with their little ones. We provide:

  • An inspiring great speaker

  • Nice venues in the TW area

  • Little extras like mini back rubs and goody bags!

  • A nanny to help watch the kids / help warming milk etc

  • Soft flooring and toys for the little ones!

Past speakers include Steph Douglas of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, Susie Maguire of TEDx fame, Juliet Turnbull of 2 to 3 Days Jessica of Super Mum Society, and Simon Dures known for his tracking of Lions in Africa, plus many more!

Why SpoonFed Talks Started

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Becoming a mum was both the hardest and most empowering thing I have done. I found the first few months moving from my 'old' life to my mum life tough-going. I went to lots of baby classes which were great but I felt something was missing - something focusing on us mums - on topics that interest us, because we do (occasionally!) like to think about things other than those directly related to our babies.

Who we were before we became a mum is important and finding out own identity again I believe is something we need to do.

It's a chance to engage in adult conversations with like-minded people. Our events cover topics like returning to work, starting a business, travelling with kids, staying positive and dealing with overwhelm.

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SpoonFed events are targeted for those in the Fifth Trimester- which is different for everyone- it's the time when you've got over the initial joy (shock!) of becoming a mum and now you're thinking 'OK, what next?'

I originally went to a SpoonFed event myself, loved the idea, and was lucky enough to get to take it over when the original founder, Olivia returned to work. I’m always looking for an extra pair of hands in case you want to be involved! Lauren@mumming.org :-)

Are you a speaker? Want to chat to our mums? Get in touch!

We are looking for fabulous speakers who can talk about topics ranging from wellbeing and mental health, motherhood and parenting, relationships, stress and overwhelm, equal pay, entrepreneurship, family and flexibility, career development, fitness and wellness, personal finance.

Contact us at: hello@mumming.org

Some of our past Spoonfed Talks:

Spoonfed talks Juliet Turnbull

making the return to work work for you

Juliet of 2 to 3 Days came to visit us in Twickenham. They have over 28,000 mums registered on their website for flexible jobs specifically targeted to mothers who want to work 2 to 3 days a week.

We heard about returning to work and how best to approach your career and balance with family life whether after months of maternity leave or a few years out.

We love the approach that 2 to 3 days takes with championing mothers!


how to run a successful startup (even with a baby!)

Steph Douglas, founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers came to chat with us. It was a really interesting, frank and honest chat about starting a business and balancing parenthood. Great to see so many mums looking into starting something themselves- whether as a full-time occupation or a 'side hustle.'

Having a baby is hard work but we believe that it does rewire your brain to be more creative, when not too sleep deprived anyway!

Susie Maguire TEDx talk


Susie Maguire has always lived life on her own terms. A true entrepreneur at heart, she was a self-made millionaire in her 30’s. Unexpectedly, and defying the doctors who had told her she could never get pregnant, she gave birth to her miracle boy in the spring of 2003. That’s when life really got incredible and where living life on her own terms took on a whole new meaning.

Susie shared her story of raising her son around the world, without school, on her own - her story, of mothering her way - and her journey from millionaire to mummy.

Self care for mamas


In a workshop format, we heard from 2 amazing speakers sharing self-care tips around fitness, health, mental well-being:

Natalie McCandless: Mum and Personal Life Coach and an accredited Psychotherapist, Natalie also runs Post Natal Workshops and support groups for new Parents. Natalie spoke about how to manage your mental health as a mum to maintain a positive outlook even when it all feels too much.

Claire Okane: Claire is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 10 years experience working with all types of injuries from small aches and pains to long term chronic problems. Claire spoke around post natal health including maintaining a strong pelvic floor, and how to get back into exercise.

We also had the lovely Kieran giving gentle back and neck rubs to help us chill and relax!


the working mum association

We were joined by Nicola Rowley, founder of Working Mum Association (WMA) which she set up in 2017 following her experiences as a new working mum. In a short time WMA garnered over60k likes on Facebook and has grown into a strong community of women supporting women.

Nicola covered:

The importance of getting support when returning to work

Why every company should have working mum mentor groups

How to harness the Mummy Guilt to help you get to where you truly want to be

Andisheh Thomson photographer

take better family photos on your phone

Professional family photographer Andisheh Thomson shared some excellent techniques for how to make your phone photos look great.

On average, over 80% of the photos we have of our family are on a phone these days- often blurry selfies, so we learnt some great tips to ensure we’ll have photos to treasure in the years to come.

Jessica Barclay Super Mum Society

the secret to loving your motherhood

We heard from the amazing Jessica of Super Mum Society giving an insight into her journey as a mum so far and what she’s learnt along the way in terms of how to be the mum YOU want to be!

Jessica has set up Super Mum Society to empower mums to bring a bit more balance and calm into their lives. ‘Winging it’ can be stressful at times, and we heard useful tips to work through the many challenges we face as new mums.

A few more photos of SpoonFed Talks

Photos courtesy of Dawn of Love Miss D Photography and Victoria of Your Branding Photography