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 The Mumming Crèche


Run by experienced nannies so you can relax whilst working with the other mums!

Blurb about how it works

It’s run by Super Sitters ….


Super Sitters

At Super Sitters we believe that children need a safe, loving environment which suits their parents' schedules. There are some brilliant permanent childcare solutions out there, but very few truly flexible ones. What many parents need is a reliable and consistent back up plan – that’s what we are! We’re frequently called lifesavers, as we swoop in as SUPERHEROES and save the day. I love it!

Using only personal contacts and referrals, we recruit sitters and nannies with a background in childcare environments to accommodate families' adjusting work lives. Each sitter is personally interviewed by me and pays a membership to be part of the collective of childcarers through Super Sitters. 

Parents therefore benefit from professional, flexible, local, consistent childcare for the times they need it. 

I welcome parents to get in touch to discuss their specific childcare needs - whatever the child’s requirements, preferences, attitudes are -  you're covered. 

Stacey Super Sitters